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Galactic At-One-Ment 2 Day Certification Workshop


Miracles of Joy Metaphysical Store & Spiritual Center
701 S Old Orchard Ln, Ste C 75067 Lewisville United States
Galactic At-One-Ment -Healing for the Heart and the Mind with Joy and Cé Änn

Opening the Heart Center Workshop -
Become aware that it is all channeling

Saturday, June 18th and Sunday, June 19th
(2 Day Practitioner Certification Workshop with Attunements)
From: 12-6 (both days)
Workshop Limited to 16 people.
Exchange: $295
($75 - Deposit required to reserve your space.)
Took Galactic Healing from us and want a refresher discounted to $195

Whether your path is a channel of Energy that Heals or a Channel of Verbal Energy that Awakens the Soul. Choose to show up and be the channel you came here to Be.

Three Levels of Galactic Healing -

In this powerful energy healing modality, you will learn to heal on the physical, emotional, and spiritual levels. You will receive three attunements, activation/opening, to the Shamanic, Angelic, and Sacred Geometry Frequencies, that will enable you to channel the Elements of Earth, the Angelic Symbols, and Sacred Geometry Symbols. You will learn the powerful technique we were shown. If you have already taken Reiki, you will love this class! If you have never studied energy healing before, that is great too! It is easy to learn! You will be able to easily incorporate this healing modality into healing sessions for an added bonus or perform healing sessions with Galactic Healing.

Tuition includes certificate and recognition as a Galactic Healing® Practitioner! Galactic Healing is a powerful healing technique that heals by using the Shamanic Frequency, Angelic Frequency, and Sacred Geometry Frequency. Galactic Healing takes the energy of the cosmos and anchors it to earth. Bringing the knowledge of ages lost back to earth. What has been forgotten is now remembered again. A demonstration of Galactic Healing in action along with symbols and attunements. You will be opened to the Gold and Blue Ray. You will be connecting with your guides and be taught techniques to sit in the seat and channel higher frequencies. You will be guided through several meditations to clear your energy field and receive downloads. As well as clearing your energy field to connect.

Come learn how to work with energy on all levels!

Joy Kauf- Joy is the founder of the Miracle's of Joy Spiritual Center, a Mecca for healings, readings, and esoteric studies in the Dallas area. Joy is a Master Teacher of Galactic Healing. She brings great passion to her work, being a channel for Native American, Ascended Masters, Ancient Egyptian energies, and is a willing vessel for all frequencies who want to merge and bring wisdom. She has dedicated her life to helping others connect with the Divine and find their highest calling in the world. Joy is also certified as an Advanced Theta Practitioner, as well as a Certified Reiki Master Teacher.

Ce Ann- Offering Intuitive and Channeled sessions extensively since 1986, Ce Ann (say on) hails from a heritage of psychics, travels through the States and Internationally offers Visionary Guidance, an all encompassing consultation technique; a blending of philosophies, psychologies, and spiritual practices of human reality merged with non-physical awareness using an altered state or trance. Affectionately called the "Channel's Channel" he inspires loving allowance, self motivation, intuitive growth and the awakening of unlimited human potential. He makes his home amongst the red rocks of Sedona, AZ. Visit his site: www.visionaryguidance.com